complete submarine kits



coastal uboat 1917


Deep Rover

conversion kit

VIIc 1:72 by Revell

glasfibre hulls

Friedrich Schürer

experimental sub "Ballfish"

Klasse 212

My personel favorites are pure underwater vehicles that are designed for optimum submerged performance.

My choice of originals for this catalog is a mirror of this preference: You can find very old and very modern submarines.

Most of these subs have circular frames. This makes it easy to use a bajonet lock ring for closing and sealing the models. The hull is entirely dry in this concept. This gives a lot of room and boyancy even in small submarines.

All devices are mounted on a frame that is pushed into the bow part of the hull. The stern part is put in place and locked by a 15 degree turn. The lock ring containes an o-ring that garaties perfect tightness over many years.

The kits can be deliverd with ready mounted bajonett seal rings and watertight motor unit. You will get a tested watertight and pressure proof hull.

The ballst system is typically a piston tank. In combination with NiCd-cells it fits perfectly into the hull.

The models in this catalog are mainly 24 to 40 inch long and weight 8 to 12 pound. This makes handling easy.

The small size is no drawback for a submarine like it is for a swimming modell. It does not depend on the size of the wave it makes. But in muddy water you can manoever much better in the restricted space in which your boat is visible. And it's better for your back.



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