pressure hull + dive equipment

for Revell's VIIc Uboat

The parts for the pressure hull are NC-milled from 1/4" Polystyrene sheet + pipes from ABS

The hull is cut vertical and a reliable, close fitting pressure hull is installed         

Video of the first test runs
1min, 240x160px, 950kB

or 320x240 2,1MB Quicktime

or 320x240 2,4MB MPEG4

new edition !

Revell produces the Type VIIc in 1:72 scale again.
Therefore we have re-released the conversion kit with some improvements.
  • conversion kit consisting of pressure hull, interior frame, motor unit (shaft seal, gear wheels, bushings, spacers), pushrod seals 105,-€
suitable equipment:
  • motor 385/6000upm/12V 8,15 €
  • peristaltic pump 220ml/min 60,- €
  • ESC "Robustregler 2A" (1 each for motor and pump)each 24,-€
  • reveiver Schulze alpha 8.40w Failsafe ready programed (intelligent 40MHz receiver with very good failsafe performance. enables safe operation even without special ballast tank switch) 57,90 €

The motor unit uses a slow turning 400 size motor and a special gear. The unit was designed to fit optimaly into the narrow space of the VIIc stern.
The stern has enough free flood room to access the ruder pushrods. The stern part of the pressure hull is removable for maintenance.
instructions(germ).PDF (1.2MB)

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