Das Modell

The "DELTA" is a small 2 person submersible with a operating depth of 360 m.

The original sub is in service since 1983 and has done 5300 dives up to now. It is one of the most used and most effective submersibles that exist.

More info and a lot of pictures of the original can be found at: Homepage of Delta Oceanographics

The model is in scale 1:8. Its length is 580mm and hull diameter 133mm. The coarse scale allows even the smallest details to be shown. This is the structure of the welds as well as the screws at the windows.
There is plenty of room for the technical installation. Even a video camera (with cable to the surface) fits. The weight is 4.2kg including 1.2kg ballast in the keel.

The model consists of polystyrene and polyurthane (resin) parts. The crush depth of the hull is 7.5m. The hull seal is ready made. The plexiglas windows and many accesories are computer milled.

The first models show a very good manoeverability even at low speeds. The unconventional depth plane is very effective and lets the boat rise or fall at 20deg angle.

The ballast system is a rubberbag with peristaltic pump . A pitch controller is of no use, a special depth controller for both static and dynamic depth keeping is under construction.


View from the inside video camera

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DELTA in action


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