PitchControlStamp LR2


That's what we call our smallest pitch controller.

At 30x21x8mm it really has the dimension of a stamp (nearly: a little to thick and no glue on it). Nevertheless it is a full pitch controller built in SMD technology. It will stabilise minature submarine models as well as the biggest models.

universal plug (=Gr/MPX-uni/Fut)
price: € 75,-

The sensitivity is adjustable smoothly over a wide range. The horizon will be set by appropriate mounting and adjusted from the transmitter.

Dynamic swith to manual:
If you move the transmitter stick more than half way the controller is reduced in sensitivity and switched off at full way. So you have direct manual control over your model if you need without searching for the "off"button.

This new Version uses the newest generation of sensors . The sensor uses hot air and detects it's movement in a small cavity by a silicon chip. This sensor is wearless, high precission and extremly robust.

The Software is entirely rebuilt in C. This allows virtually stepless servo movements even at high sensitivity setting. You can not distinguish it from an analog controller.
Of course the device can handle unstable RC-signals. Short glitches are removed. Longer pauses will force the controller to 'horizontal' and switch off the servo after 20 seconds (to safe battery power).

The new hardware is smaller than its prdecessor. This allows us to pack it into a robust, CNC-milled housing.
The sensitivity to a weak power supply is farly reduced, eneabling the controller to work with fast and powerfull digital servos.

 DELPHIN mit Lageregelbriefmarke


technical Data
 Typ: Plug-in-between device.
takes voltage from receiver battery
 dimensions: 30x21x8mm, milled plastic housing
1 mounting screw M3
weight:: 6,1 g
voltage: safe 3,5 - 8,0 V
possible 2,0 - 12 V
current: 1 mA
pulses 0,9...2,2ms
repeat rate 12...32ms
fits to all transmitters

Each model submarine that runs faster than a snail needs a pitch controller.

Why? Look here.

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