Pitch and Depth Controller

LTR 5.3


Each model submarine that runs faster than a snail needs a pitch controller.

Why? Look here.
So sieht er aus.

Pitch and Depth Controller
LTR 5.3

Holds the submarine at a depth set at the transmitter by controlling the depth planes.
Has 2 independant outputs (bow and stern plane) and a separate On/half/off input.
Contains pressure sensor, inclinometer and microprocessor.

LTR 5.3 € 170,-

technical Data
 Typ: Plug-in-between device.
takes voltage from receiver battery
 dimensions: open PCB with socket
60 x 38 x 24 mm
 weight: 21 g
 Voltage: safe 4.0 - 6.5 V
possible 3.0 - 12 V
 consumption: 7.5 mA at 4.8 V
 pressure:  possible:
    Vakuum - 2 bar abs
    ambient atmosphere - +0.1 bar
    = 0 - 1 m depth

download instructions . PDF (german)

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