THE teardrop:



It was planned as an experiment. But soon the potential of this optimised hull shape became visible.

erste Fahrt

This first diving prototype has the fin configuration of a fish (+ horizontal stabiliser) and shows extreem manoeverability in all directions.


The shape was designed for the high speed experimental submarine ALBACORE. For this hull it was streched to meet a 1:4 width/length ratio. The big submarines are thinner due to manufacturing and handling problems. Both constains we do not have for a model.
The speed from a given motor is impressive and the manoeverability at its maximum.

So siehts von innen aus.   Im Flug

The pictures show the raw setup of the prototype. It is equiped with a bajonet shutter ring, a motor unit 700 (thats a 30W /4000rpm motor with watertight shaft assembly) and a 12V 7.2Amphrs lead battery.

With active roll controll via the pectoral fins the Ballfish can even carry a sharklike fin nearly as big as itself.

A Variant with contrarotating props and X-rudders.

The red boyancy hulls of the "Autonomous Benthic Explorer" from WHOI have the same shape. The model would be scale1:4.

Fibreglas hull (diving depth >10m) in two parts € 125,- 
fish fins made from PU resin € 2,50 per part
bajonet lock ring 130mm € 90,-
motor unit 700 € 85,-
ballastsystem (rubber bag/peristaltic pump) € 127,50
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